Frequently Asked


Why should I travel with African Cultural Tours?

We practice responsible tourism. Simply put, we believe that travel experiences should be about respecting and benefiting local people and the environment. We collaborate with local organizations and guides who work to ensure that we get the best possible experience while respecting those we visit and caring for the environment. We engage with local communities as equal partners in the development process. We stay in local villages and have authentic experiences with the people we meet. As a company, we believe in long-term relationships with our local partners. On an African Cultural Tour, you will connect, experience and be transformed!  

What does the cost include?  

The cost includes all lodging, transportation, meals, your guide and any tours listed on the itinerary as 'included'. Flights within South Africa and Lesotho are also included.  

The price of the trips does not include international flights (although we are happy to help you book these), snacks, alcoholic beverages, souvenirs, and tours or experiences not listed as 'included' on the final itinerary. Travel Insurance is also not included. Some participants choose to financially support the organizations we visit, although this is not required.      

What will I eat?  

Many travelers have commented on how much good food there was on the trip! All places we stay make full meals and all places can accommodate vegetarians and vegans. Meals vary, but always include a protein source (may be steak, chicken, fish, etc.), a starch (generally rice or potatoes), and vegetables. At South African lodges, breakfast is typically your traditional English Breakfast and you will get anything from yogurt and granola to sausage, eggs and fried tomatoes.  Tea is common and most locations have moved towards brewed coffee - hooray!    

Will there be electricity and en suite bathrooms?  

Yes! All lodging has electricity - although it is turned off by 10 pm in some locations - and all lodging has bathrooms en suite.  Camping sites may be available on request.

Can I design my own itinerary and trip?    

Yes! Although we plan a full itinerary, we are quite happy to help you design the trip to your own specifications.  We also can help design trips for school groups, adventure seekers and volunteer trips.  

Why would I want to go on a pre-planned trip?  

African Cultural Tours are designed to help people get a taste for Lesotho and South Africa while connecting with local organizations and people along the way. We base our program on our experiences, relationships, and feedback from past groups. Although itineraries are set in advance, you are not "locked in" to specific activities and there is ample room for individual activities at each site visited. This allows everyone to make their experience their own, while having all of the details like food, lodging and transportation covered.    

What about tropical diseases?

Lesotho and the majority of South Africa are malaria-free thanks to their temperate climate. Additionally, there are no tropical diseases to worry about in Lesotho or the parts of South Africa where we will be traveling. Many of South Africa's hospitals provide excellent care. That said, be sure to purchase travel insurance and check with your own insurance company to see what they offer for overseas travel.  There are no vaccinations needed to travel to Lesotho or South Africa, but we can help you find a local travel clinic that will give you suggestions and answer any questions you may have.  

What are the best ages to bring kids? 

Children of all ages are very engaged and positive about all of the new experiences and opportunities they are faced with when traveling.

We have found that kids ages 7 - 10 pretty much roll with it and look to their parents to set the tone. They easily engage with other kids on the trip and those they meet traveling. Language does not seem to be a barrier to play and many younger kids fit right in with the activities around them.

Preteens are at a good age developmentally to travel to different countries and to visit different cultures as they are beginning to develop their identity. Engaging with people in other parts of the world gives them the opportunity to see how they fit in to that world.

Teens are in an excellent position to travel as they have a fairly developed sense of self but are still very open to new experiences and ways of life. In fact, traveling to different places and interacting with different cultures can make a strong, positive impact on their life, how they view "others" and how they will choose to live their lives. Teens tend to make very strong connections with the people they meet while traveling.

For all ages, travel makes the world more accessible and makes them feel more connected in it. I am always amazed by the depth of children's knowledge and understanding that they gain from travel. These experiences stick with them for a lifetime. Many of the children who have traveled with us are sharing stories from their trips through school projects, talks at their churches, in their communities, through fundraising campaigns and in their college essays.