Who We Are 

Heather Miller earned her dual Bachelor's Degrees at Ohio Wesleyan University in Elementary Education and Sociology/Anthropology. She earned her Masters of Science from Minnesota State University, Mankato in Experiential Education. Heather has twelve years of classroom teaching experience in Lesotho, New Mexico and Minnesota. She has worked as the Director of Families with Children at Good Samaritan UMC for eight years. She has led many study tours and cultural exchange programs throughout Lesotho, South Africa and Tanzania for churches, colleges and Operation Crossroads Africa. She spent three years working in Lesotho as a United States Peace Corps volunteer and returned to Lesotho after her service was up to volunteer at Maseru Children's Village Orphanage and to adopt her daughter from Lesotho.   

Christopher Johnstone is the director of International Initiatives for the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota. He received his doctorate from the University of Minnesota in educational policy and administration. His program area for his doctoral work was comparative and international development education, which was completed in Lesotho. He also holds master's and bachelor's degrees in special education from Syracuse University and the State University of New York, Plattsburgh respectively.  

What Our Clients Say

"Our experiences roused a wide range of emotions including interest, empathy, gratitude, hope, inspiration and love. Heather did a terrific job organizing an exciting, enlightening and fun itinerary as well as flawlessly leading us through the logistics while making everyone feel connected and welcome. This was a trip of a lifetime...below are the children's impressions:  

Bella, 9:  My favorite part was riding the elephants. I also learned that I should appreciate what I have as others don't have as much.  

Emma, 12:  I met so many amazing people and built so many strong relationships over the course of this trip. All the different ways of life I was exposed to really opened my eyes on how amazing the world is!  

Graham, 15:  Going to Africa really was like visiting another world. I learned so much and saw so much and experienced so many unforgettable things. This trip will definitely stick with me as one of the highlights of my life. "  

-The Clark Family    

"I had the wonderful privilege of traveling to South Africa and Lesotho with Heather and sixteen others for two weeks. Heather put in an incredible amount of time and effort to guarantee ALL ages would have an unforgettable experience. Once a resident of Lesotho, Heather served as an invaluable guide with her knowledge, experience and friendly demeanor. I loved every minute being immersed in the rich culture, heritage, history and sights of the countries. I would go back on this trip in a heartbeat! " 

-Kelly Williams, Teacher  

"I have done a lot of international travel, but my trip with Heather to South Africa and Lesotho was something special. Our group was intergenerational and I believe that the observations and insights of each and every group member, ages 7 - 70 was invaluable. I had the distinction of being the oldest member of the group. Our goal was both to educate ourselves and have fun. There was plenty of fun to be had, but my favorite part of the trip was the learning experiences offered. I now carry the singing and dancing of the Basotho and the Xhosa peoples and the memory of the red earth of Lesotho in my heart"  

‚Äč- Carol Smith  

Our experience with African Cultural Tours in South Africa and Lesotho was amazing! Heather is extremely knowledgeable about traveling there, the culture and the people. My husband and I felt so comfortable and safe taking our 7 and 10 year old children on our trip to South Africa. Can't wait to go back with her again! 

- Dee Stein Wyatt  

I can't exclaim enough how awesome an African tour is with Heather! It was by far, the best trip of my life. She will take you to eye opening, heart stopping, fun and beautiful places. Perfect for singles, teens and families who want a personal or small group.  

- Patrice Krocheski-Meyer  

My 6th grade son and I went on this amazing educational adventure. I can't say enough about the safari, tours and engaging with the community. Heather was an incredible leader!  

- Cathy Olson